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Tripura: The Three Cities of Maya

Tripura: The Three Cities of Maya

Tripura: The Three Cities of Maya is a 2011 animated TV movie based on the Hindu mythological story of Tripura, the three impregnable fortresses built by the asura architect Maya for the sons of Tarakasura. The movie was directed by Chetan Sharma and produced by Amar Chitra Katha Pvt. Ltd., Animagic Special Effects and Turner Entertainment Networks. It won the Best Animation Film award at the 59th National Film Awards in India.

The movie narrates the story of how the asuras, after losing their king Taraka to the devas, sought refuge in the three cities of gold, silver and iron, located in heaven, earth and underworld respectively. The cities were designed by Maya, a devotee of Shiva, who used his sorcery to make them invincible and mobile. The only way to destroy them was by a single arrow that could pierce all three cities at once, when they aligned for a brief moment once in a thousand years. The asuras, feeling secure in their cities, resumed their oppression of the good and the noble, until the devas appealed to Shiva for help. Shiva agreed to destroy Tripura with his divine bow and arrow, made of Mount Meru and the serpent Vasuki. He also took the form of Tripurantaka, the destroyer of Tripura, and mounted his chariot driven by Brahma. With the help of Vishnu, who created an illusion to align the cities, Shiva shot his arrow and reduced Tripura to ashes.

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The movie is praised for its animation quality, voice acting, music and script. It also presents a balanced view of both the asuras and the devas, showing their strengths and weaknesses. The movie is available on DVD and online streaming platforms.The movie also explores the themes of karma, dharma, free will and destiny. It shows how the asuras, despite being devotees of Shiva, failed to follow his teachings and succumbed to their ego and greed. It also shows how Maya, who was loyal to Shiva, had to face the consequences of his actions and witness the destruction of his creations. The movie also depicts the compassion and grace of Shiva, who spared Maya's life and gave him a chance to redeem himself. The movie ends with a message of hope and harmony, as Shiva blesses both the asuras and the devas and restores peace in the three worlds.The movie is based on the ancient Hindu scriptures of the Puranas, especially the Shiva Purana and the Skanda Purana. The movie follows the original story closely, but also adds some creative elements and interpretations. For example, the movie shows how Maya was influenced by his wife Hema, who was a devotee of Vishnu and wanted him to stop working for the asuras. The movie also shows how Vishnu helped Shiva in destroying Tripura by creating a solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse simultaneously, which caused the cities to align. The movie also depicts the relationship between Shiva and Parvati, who supported him in his mission and prayed for his success.

The movie is a landmark in Indian animation industry, as it showcases the rich cultural and spiritual heritage of India. The movie uses a blend of 2D and 3D animation techniques, and features stunning visuals and sound effects. The movie also features a musical score composed by Taufiq Qureshi, which blends classical and contemporary styles. The movie has a voice cast of talented actors, such as Daman Baggan, Ettienne Couthino, Saptharishi Ghosh, Aseem Hattangadi, Chetan Sharma and Denzil Smith. The movie has received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike, and has won several awards and accolades. 0efd9a6b88


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